Maritime Training and Consultancy Ltd 



​​To provide a framework of knowledge in relation to maritime safety to users of power driven crafts with over 30 bhp, ensuring that such vessels are used in a safe manner at all times, therefore making the waters around Malta safer for all users


To discuss all maritime issues relating to the safety of all sea users

To examine the different sectors of users and their differing needs

To review the range of services which may be provided

To establish the skills needed in safe navigation and control of the vessel

To demonstrate control skills in normal and emergency situations

To provide practical training sessions to candidates in the safe use of mechanically driven  craft

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course candidates will be able to demonstrate a good knowledge and understanding of:

1.   Different types of ropes and the most common knots;

2.   The Local Maritime Regulations;

3.   The different types of anchors and anchoring procedure;

4.   The precautions surrounding fuelling at sea;

5.   The local marine weather information


The safety

equipment needed and the Safety Checks to be carried out prior to departure;

7.   The International Code of Signals (Flags), in particular, the most commonly used around the Maltese waters;

8.   The required life saving appliances and survival procedures;

9.   The IALA Buoyage system; and

10.  The International regulations for preventing of Collisions at sea (ColRegs).

Entry Standards

The following entry standards are



Candidates must be able bodied and physically

capable of handling a mechanically driven craft without endangering third



Aged 18 years old or over 

Judged not to be constituting a

moral hazard

Intake Limitation

The maximum number of participants

for each course will be 15.

The minimum number of

participants for each course will be 10.

Course Outline and Detailed Teaching Syllabus

The course is based on the

following timescales


8 hours classroom ( 2 sessions of 4 hours )


4 hours practical

However please note certain students may need additional hours of tuition & practical sessions before sitting for the exam. 


€140.00 inclusive of MCAST exam fees which is to paid in full

prior to commencement of the course provided there are at least 10 students booked for the course.
For smaller groups or one to one training higher fees are charged.

Course presently not on offer 

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